Nine Months of Hard Labor (continued)

Third Trymester Features:

Teen and parent paranoia are extremely common as notification day approaches. It doesn’t help that every news article and morning show features the trials and tribulations of college acceptance. Half the kids in your neighborhood have already heard from their schools. The rumor mill is churning and your head is spinning. Apparently Harvard took no one from the prep school or public school in your town. And the safety schools are rejecting the shoo-ins. What if your child doesn’t get in anywhere? What if she gets in and it’s not the right school for her? What if her best friend gets in and she doesn’t? You’d crumble but you must be chipper to keep her calm.

Now that you’ve finished proofing essays and running around like a squirrel during nut season, you’ve got time to look more closely at the financial picture. You begin hyperventilating and hoarding Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. You vow to curb your Starbucks addiction (the price of a soy latte x 352 days a year could cover some textbooks, right?) and consider growing your own food and changing your own car oil.

If you’ve done your job (i.e., made sure your teen isn’t invested in only one school and saw to it that he applied to schools that fit his interests and credentials), it’s time to celebrate. You and your child are thrilled. You’ve got your voice and a piece of your sanity back. There’s time in the day to breathe. You can even clear off the dining room table. And that’s a good thing because, chances are, there’s a graduation party in your future.

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