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Calming Colors

Calming Colors

Feeling stressed? Grab the markers.

Coloring page from Denison Counseling Services' 'De-stress Fest'

Tim Durham, associate director of Counseling Services at Denison’s Whisler Center for Student Wellness, used to be skeptical about the number of students who would use the coloring pages the staff made available during the College’s De-stress Fests. But then he saw how many students grabbed a marker or crayon and started to color.

The idea behind De-stress Fests, which also include visits from therapy dogs and educational sessions focused on relaxation, was born in 2008 as a way to help students relax, especially during finals and midterms when the pressure is on.

(If you want to share your masterpieces, send us a photo, and we’ll print a few in an upcoming issue.)

It may sound as if this generation of Denisonians is getting the spa treatment, but student stress is a real concern on college campuses across the nation. The American Psychological Association notes that over the last decade, the number of students seeking treatment for depression and anxiety at school counseling centers is on the rise. The staff members at Whisler also are well aware that Denison students often spread themselves too thin, immersing themselves not only in their classes, but also in service projects, clubs, sports, and performance. “It’s all about helping them find balance,” says Durham.

Coloring page from Denison Counseling Services' 'De-stress Fest'

Jessie Kanelos Weiner ’08, an illustrator based in Paris, is on board with the coloring movement. Her new book, Edible Paradise: A Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables, was published in March by Universe Publishing. Its intricate drawings are aimed at adults hoping to wind down. We asked Weiner to give us a little anti-anxiety medication in the form of campus images. So grab a box of markers or coloring pencils and treat yourself to a few minutes of you-time.

Download the coloring pages PDF.

Calming ColorsNeed more to color? Kanelos Weiner’s new coloring book celebrates the magnificent beauty of the edible plant kingdom. It is an enchanting journey, discovering the seasonal delicacies found in forests, fields, gardens, and urban farmers markets. The book gives life to delectable images of strawberry patches, bouquets of fresh herbs, beehives and honeybees, fall harvest baskets, and nuts rolling on the forest floor. (We should mention that Kanelos Weiner is also a cookbook author and food stylist—so she has a lot of inspiration.)

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