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Where is Everyone Going?

Where is Everyone Going?

Moving On... and on... and on...

Everything around us is in constant motion. The cells of the body. Bodies across the Academic Quad—or across borders. A leaf shoved along by a breeze. Tides shift. The earth shudders. Comets whizz by. The universe expands.

This year’s campus-wide intellectual theme, “Migrations,” can be interpreted in uncountable ways. And that’s the idea. Students play with the concept of migrations in class discussion. Faculty and staff consider it as they plan student programming. And the speakers brought in as part of the Spectrum Series are threaded together through this common theme.

As the Denison Magazine staff considered what we could bring to the “Migrations” table, we came across these compelling graphics that offer a unique look at the movement of the people and organisms around us.

All images are reprinted here and in Denison Magazine with permission from GOOD. Infographics by Column Five Media for GOOD, originally published on GOOD.is. They have been adapted for Denison Magazine. Print cover imagery: (c) Adrianna Williams/Corbis (front cover) and (c) Heide Benser/Corbis (back cover)

A map of the world that depicts to which locations youth are migrating
Illustrated passport book opened to reveal stamps from various countries
Detailed chart illustrating a variety of deadly outbreaks such as measles, smallpox, Spanish flu, and the Black Death
An illustration titled 'Space Invaders', depicting a green alien watering his lawn in a suburban neighborhood