Dorm Food Do-Over

When you were a student and you couldn’t make it to the dining halls, maybe you dined on a smorgasbord of foodstuffs that came from a science lab (spray cheese, anyone?) instead of a farm.

And maybe that sounds appealing in your early 20s, but the faux glow eventually wears off. Yes, for most of us, the memory of homemade dorm food is best left in the dorm—preferably in a drawer next to the Twinkies and Ritz crackers.

But what if those lackluster memories were replaced by more elegant and creative interpretations of the dorm food we knew and (sort of) loved? Like mac ’n’ cheese made with real cream and tender, smoky bacon and eaten with a linen napkin in your lap, not a plastic fork at your side? Or how about a towering crown of cappuccino ice cream, marshmallow fluff, and bittersweet chocolate sauce to replace that microwaved marshmallow and chocolate sandwich that you used to call a s’more?

Consider the following recipes your dorm food redux—a remodeling of food from your Denison days. Let’s raise a glass of really cheap wine (out of a sense of nostalgia, of course) to the beautiful ways in which these five graduates have given dorm food a much-needed makeover.



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